That Itch That Wasn’t Scratched

That Itch that Wasn't Scratched

Did you ever break a leg? Like, literally?

Well then, you know that it could eat your brains. Oh, by that I mean the relentless amount of time you spent idle, depending on others, all the while thinking about everything you could have done, but can’t.

It needn’t be a leg, but the feeling is still the same if ever you are bedridden.

I broke my leg a month back and it has been in Plaster of Paris cast, for long. The restless guy that I am, couldn’t really tolerate the whole “idleness”. But the silver lining, it made me think a lot. (Oh heck, it was quite the adventure)That Itch that Wasn't Scratched - Adventures of a broken leg guy

Try empathizing. You’re human, and you might have mishappenings where you either have a disease (Hope that you never) or maybe get immobilized due to a an accident. (Like a fracture.) What would you do?

Would you spend that time catching up on the sleep that you never had? Would you do something fun and interesting like make a video out of it, or write a blog about it or even maybe post some wacky pics with the cladded injury on your social media? Or would you contemplate what you did and what you didn’t?

If you’ve done any of them, you are great. But if not, ask yourself, what did you really do? Like seriously?

Quite recently I had a conversation with a friend. I had a broken leg and I told him, “Dude, the feeling of sitting on a bed, without even moving much, day after day, is painful. And in fact, I started respecting the disabled people just coz of that”

I was surprised by his response.

He corrected me first by saying that, “They aren’t disabled. But they are differently abled.”

That made a lot of sense.

He continued. “If I were to say about a disability that sucked, then that would be losing your eyes. I’ve read about blind programmers who work in Google. And that got me thinking. I, who is perfectly able, am not able to think or perform like those brilliant beings. Even after having all of my senses, intact.”

I was a bit befuddled. I didn’t know what to say. And I kept mum, but my brain ransacked all of the ideas and got me to the “Itch that wasn’t scratched.”

So what’s that itch?

Is it a literal itch where you try your best to scratch. Well, I did that for my cast, And I ended up having broken pieces of mid-rib of coconut leaves, stuck inside my cast.

Much like the ones you see in this broom:
That Itch that Wasn't Scratched - The broom

And believe me, I tried everything that I could to get it out. Even with forceps and a screwdriver. Damn, my immobility and thirst for some action.

But well, that’s not the itch. The itch in this context is basically the inability to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Say for example, after working for long excruciating months, you tell yourself that you need a break. What do you do? You try to get a leave or maybe an excuse to go on a vacation where you try not to think about work? (Like, that happens)

Just say, for instance, you actually do all of it. And dream about a that “happy place” of yours.

But still, do you feel an itch that you didn’t scratch?


That’s the itch I’ve been talking about.

You might find this inspirational or maybe as utter nonsense. But, if you took to what you had to do and found closure with that itch, then you might have really found that peace and happiness. (I just realized that I just spoke in past tense.)

Well, here’s the learning that I want to impart.

You will get injured, because you are human. But, even when you are, if you fight against it, you will not gain anything from that. Instead, if you give in and contemplate what else you can do while you are at it, then that will be a lesson that you hold all your life.

Pretty much, that’s it. It’s all up to you whether you scratch that irritating itch of yours. If at all that happens.

Take it or leave it. It’s all you.

Who knows. You might even be famous. A disability is never a full stop.

The inspirational story of the day: What did Beethoven achieve after he became deaf. (The symphony 9 to be specific.)

P.S – After I wrote this article and got back on my own feet, I started with a journal “Things That I Want To But Am Not Doing.” The title is descriptive enough I guess.

Do let me know if you are inspired or have made serious changes in your routine life after reading this. Would love your comments and suggestion as well. Cheers! 🙂